Scrapping Your Car? Find Out How Much a Scrapyard Will Pay You!

Scrapping Your Car? Find Out How Much a Scrapyard Will Pay You!

Scrap car buyers assess a wide range of factors when making an offer on a used vehicle for scrap metal at a junkyard. How do junkyards decide how much to charge for old cars? How do you determine the value of a scrap automobile versus one that still runs? How much would you charge for a car that actually works?

It all depends on the vehicle’s worth and condition, among other things. Some deals are as much as 50% below market value, but such typically include vehicles towards the end of their useful lives. Junkers may make more money off of functioning vehicles than non-functioning ones because of the valuable parts they contain.

How do scrap yards determine how much to charge to haul away a used car?

Companies typically compute the fair market value of automobiles in accordance with industry standards, which are based on data compiled by organizations like the Canada Black Book and the Kelley Blue Book. Sometimes, trash automobiles can be sold for as much as 40 percent more than their current market value, depending on the scrap car removal firm you work with. Vehicles that are returned undergo a series of checks to establish a fair market value.

When evaluating the value of a used car, scrap dealers also consider the following factors:

  • Model and year of the automobile: This is useful for establishing a fair price for a used car since it lets sellers know what kind of parts, if any, will be available for salvage. Your used car’s value increases in proportion to the availability of high-quality replacement components and accessories.
  • The weight of a vehicle plays a role in its value since it helps junkyards estimate how much metal they can recycle from the vehicle. The quantity of metal still in a running vehicle makes it heavier than a junk automobile, hence the price of the latter is likely to be higher.
  • Current scrap metal prices: A second hand car’s pricing would also be considerably impacted by the current value and demand for scrap metal. Doing your own research will help you negotiate a better deal with the scrap auto buyer.

What do working cars cost in a scrapyard?

The same factors discussed above are used by scrap car buyers to establish a fair price for your vehicle, and the price will be further adjusted if they are able to salvage any usable components or materials from your vehicle.

Buyers of junk automobiles often search for the following components:


The engine is one of the most valuable components to a junkyard. In addition, if it is from a newer model and has fewer than 150,000 kilometers on the odometer, you can ask for or expect a higher offer.


They also check the quality of your vehicle’s aluminum wheels to see if they may be sold to scrap yards. The scrap yard usually resells or salvages them for further use.


Headlights and taillights for automobiles, in particular, are in high demand. Of course, junkyards reuse the working lights from junked cars.

What is the cost differential between maintaining a car and having it scrapped?

Vehicles that can be driven typically fetch higher prices from junkyards than non-running vehicles, as the former still include valuable components that may be removed and resold. On the other hand, the value of a scrap car may be determined only by its weight or the quantity of usable metal it still contains.

The going rate for scrap automobiles is typically between $300 and $1,000. A larger offer might be made for a car that runs, but this would still be contingent on the vehicle’s general condition and the availability of components and supplies.

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