Scrap Cars With Or Without Catalytic Converters

Scrap Cars With Or Without Catalytic Converters

Which would be preferable, selling a used car with a catalytic converter already installed or without one? This page is meant to serve as a resource as you make your decision. But before you put your scrap car up for sale, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the basics of what a catalytic converter is and why it’s important.

A vehicle’s catalytic converter is a crucial component of the exhaust system. It is located between the engine and the exhaust system because it operates best at high temperatures. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons can be converted into nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor with the aid of this component.


There are different types of catalytic converters:

  1. Two-way Converter
    Two-way catalytic converters, which minimise hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions, were commonly used on diesel engines and petrol engines in the American and Canadian markets prior to 1981. However, after the introduction of three-way converters, this design quickly became obsolete.
  2. Three-way Converter
    Since 1981, notably in North America, this style of converter has been in widespread usage. Three-way converters for petrol automobiles were mandatory in many nations shortly thereafter. Nitrogen oxides are converted to nitrogen and oxygen, carbon monoxide is converted to carbon dioxide, and unburned hydrocarbons are converted to carbon dioxide and water, all at the same time, thanks to a three-way converter.
  3. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
    Compression-ignition or diesel engines typically benefit from the use of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). With the help of oxygen, this one breaks down hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide. It’s easy to use, cheap, and requires no maintenance on any diesel engine.
  4. Lean Burn Sparks Ignition Engine
    A lean burn spark ignition engine not only converts hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water, but also produces less carbon dioxide than conventional engines. Lean burn spark ignition engines use less petrol while emitting the same amount of pollution as diesel engines with oxidation catalysts.

Due to its high value and importance to the vehicle’s operation, catalytic converters are frequently targeted by auto burglars. This is because they contain valuable materials that may be sold or used to create new parts.
Catalytic converters add so much value to an automobile that it seems reasonable that they would affect the asking price of a used car.

Do You Have a Car Without Catalytic Converter?

For what reason don’t scrap yards want vehicles missing catalytic converters?

The scrap car firm you sell your old automobile to will determine its worth based on a number of variables, including its weight, the metals still in the vehicle, and the usable used car parts. Your car’s resale value will take a serious hit if you remove the catalytic converter before advertising it for sale.

Why Is It Crucial That We Recycle Old Catalytic Converters?

Catalytic converters are constructed from precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium, therefore recycling them helps conserve these supplies. Recyclable parts like catalytic converters have played a significant role in the increased platinum recovery rates seen in recent years. Also, by recycling them, less trash ends up in landfills.

If aftermarket catalytic converters are so much better, why don’t scrap yards pay more for them?

Replacement catalytic converters made by aftermarket companies are less expensive than those made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converters are built to last and meet or exceed all emission standards. This is due to the fact that platinum, rhodium, and palladium—the metals used to construct OEM converters that are responsible for converting hazardous compounds from the engine—are rather expensive.

These three metals are present in aftermarket converters, albeit in much lower concentrations. As a result, they can keep their costs down in comparison to original equipment manufacturer conversions. This is also why when a customer wants to sell an aftermarket converter to a scrap car company, the company offers a lower price.

How Do Catalytic Converters Impact the Value of Scrap Vehicles?

The value of a scrap vehicle is greatly affected by whether or not it has a catalytic converter. As was previously noted, the weight, make and model, amount of salvageable metals, and other criteria all play a role in determining a junk car’s value. Having a catalytic converter installed on your salvage automobile might boost its worth due to the added weight and the precious metals contained within.

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